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CTO and Co-Founder at SciFlow

I am the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of SciFlow, where we have created an innovative SaaS platform for academic publishing. I enjoy solving technological & product challenges with modern web, SaaS, and GenAI technologies.



I am extremely excited to work at the intersection of traditional industries and (Gen)AI & hyper-scalable web technologies. For the last eight years I have focused on digital transformation, EdTech SaaS, Open Access, and publishing technologies in my role as a Co-Founder and CTO at SciFlow. Check out our products SciFlow Authoring and Publish to learn more.

After launching a custom software and consulting business straight out of high school, I earned a Master's degree in Computer Science while running my business. In 2010, I joined Capgemini as first a Software Engineer and then Project Manager. These roles provided me with valuable experience with large teams and deepened my understanding of various business sectors and industries.

#digital transformation, #web technologies #edtech #publishing #GenAI

  • SciFlow (8y)

    Co-Founder | CTO

    Open Science, SaaS, Publishing, GenAI

  • Capgemini (6y)

    Software Engineer & Project Manager

    Automotive, Scaling Teams

  • Master of Science (CS, 2010)

    University of Paderborn, Queensland University of Technology, Carlos III

  • Mediahaven GbR. (until 2010)

    First business out of high school

    Customers including Electronic Arts, DJHV, ..